Adult Individual Advanced and Beginners Golf Lessons


Individual One On One Golf Lessons

6 one-hour on range lessons initially covering basics of set up, swing, short-game, and putting. Subsequent advanced series move onto positional fine points, cause and effect relationships, feel acquisition, and video analysis. Everyone from the absolute beginner to the experienced player will benefit from the step-by-step approach to building better fundamental positions in their swings. I have taught over 50,000 advanced and beginners golf lessons throughout my career.

Individual Lessons
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One-on-One Instruction with Mike Wydra
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Individual Lessons
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One-on-One Instruction with Mike Wydra
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Individual Lessons Include the Following:

Initial Series

+ Grip
+ Alignment
+ Posture
+ Ball positions
+ Takeaway/swing plane
+ Square at the top/lag
+ Weight shift around axis
+ Clubface during release
+ Forearm rotation/supination
+ Body during release
+ Impact position
+ Pitching/high and low variations
+ Chipping
+ Putting
+ Mechanics of setup and stroke
+ Acceleration
+ Tempo
+ Finish
+ Beginners golf lessons introduction

Advanced Series

+ Cure the seven “bad shots”
+ Push/Pull
+ Slice/Hook
+ Fat/Thin
+ Shank
+ Gaining power
+ Divot taking and analysis
+ Common denominators of elite players
+ Cause and effect relationships
+ Drills and devices
+ Trouble and punch shots
+ Advanced wedge and bunker play
+ Putt like a pro

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