Individual Golf Lessons In San Diego

Within the context of the individual lessons that Mike Wydra provides, there are 3 different types. Although golf fundamentals and mechanics remain the same across the golfing population and for all of the individual golf lessons, there is an entirely different approach and methodology that needs to be used to present these ideas to students according to their place in the game. In other words, a high school player requires a fundamentally different teaching approach than a junior, and a junior requires a significantly different approach than an adult. Many golf lessons in San Diego fail to distinguish between content and how content must be presented to be effective.

Adult Individual Lessons

These lessons are designed for adults over the age of 18 to either take their game to the next level competitively or to gain the knowledge and perspective that will allow them to improve exponentially over time. Click Here

High School / College Golf Team Preparation Lessons

These lessons are focused primarily on getting a student to qualify for a school team, whether it is High School or College. Both High School and College golf in San Diego are extremely competitive, so there is a lot to know both on and off the golf course. You must know your game and you must understand the process. This is a unique service that most golf lessons in San Diego do not provide. Click Here

Junior Individual Golf Lessons

Junior lessons are focused on making the introduction to the game a truly enjoyable one. The initial realization that there is a lot of information in golf need not be overwhelming to the younger player. Having worked with juniors for 35+ years, Mike Wydra knows how to excite and inspire a student regardless of their age or experience. The tools provided in these lessons will set the student up for success down the road.Click Here


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