San Diego Golf Swing Video Analysis

Private Golf Swing Video Analysis and Instruction

Golf swing video analysis is an extensive tutorial in the use of the Ubersense golf app to capture and analyze your swing. We are extremely fortunate to have a free app of such high-quality to view the swing, but what to look for and how to make changes is far more complex. First, I will video you and use the tools to analyze your positions. I can also send you all videos we take during the lesson. Next, I will show you how to video yourself and use the tools in the app effectively. Finally, you can be anywhere in the world, send me your video, and I can give you a video lesson based upon what you sent me and what you tell me about your ball flight and contact. There is no better way to improve your game quickly than having a golf swing video analysis. Click here to set up your video swing analysis

Video Analysis Purposes

+ Get the most out of your practice time and improve quickly.
+ Great for rainy day or indoor practice.
+ Be able to fix your own game while you are on a trip or a vacation.
+ Get needed answers to your questions in real time.
+ Teleconferencing also available.

**Ubersense tutorial included in on range lessons

Online video lessons: $50 each


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