January 15, 2015 admin

I’ve worked with several golf instructors over the years and always seem to return to Mike Wydra. I was referred to Mike by a friend who’s game improved in a short period of time under Mike’s instruction. It gets your attention when you see a guy go up two clubs in distance in a fairly short period of time! Mike helps his students demystify the complexities of the golf swing. Not only is Mike a competent golf coach, but an excellent player too, which is a rare combination. I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying Mike and his golf teams from UCSD for rounds of golf all over Southern California. He had the complete respect of his players and could readily beat them all on the links. In addition to Mike’s fine play, he is an astute student of the game and possesses a thorough understanding the components that comprise proper technique. A lesson with Mike is not just a range session with a few tips or exercises. MIke’s students learn why things go wrong on the course and how to evaluate and correct them. It’s one thing to push or pull/hook a ball, or hit it fat or thin; it’s another to know why it happened and how to diagnose the cause and make the necessary adjustment(s). If you want to learn not only the “hows”, but the “whys” as well, Mike is the coach you are seeking.

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