January 15, 2015 admin

Mike is a fantastic instructor in San Diego and you will get better and  learn a ton working with him. I started working with Mike after I saw him giving lessons to a few other golfers at the range I go to in San Diego. The thing I noticed was that Mike was always “showing” the people he was teaching how to get into better swing positions and fix faults. I have had other instructors who spend a lot of time “talking” about the same information but after working with Mike I found that I learn faster when I get the mental and physical versions of why my swing type is working, or not working. Mike’s knowledge of swing mechanics is incredible but what is equally amazing is his ability to tailor lessons and drills to quickly identify and fix those faults. I would also highly recommend going on a playing lesson with Mike. My game has improved  dramatically from these playing lessons where he helps on everything from club and shot selection, chipping, putting and even strategy on every shot in a real round of golf.