Mike is a fantastic instructor in San Diego and you will get better and  learn a ton working with him. I started working with Mike after I saw him giving lessons to a few other golfers at the range I go to in San Diego. The thing I noticed was that Mike was always “showing” the people he was teaching how to get into better swing positions and fix faults. I have had other instructors who spend a lot of time “talking” about the same information but after working with Mike I found that I learn faster when I get the mental and physical versions of why my swing type is working, or not working. Mike’s knowledge of swing mechanics is incredible but what is equally amazing is his ability to tailor lessons and drills to quickly identify and fix those faults. I would also highly recommend going on a playing lesson with Mike. My game has improved  dramatically from these playing lessons where he helps on everything from club and shot selection, chipping, putting and even strategy on every shot in a real round of golf.


I have been working with Mike about three years now and intend to continue!

I entered the relationship with a 25 handicap and have taken more than 10 strokes off that, due to good instruction from Mike and then practicing the “right” things at the range. Mike brings a nice mix of expert knowledge with humorous teaching delivery that is critical, but not deflating.  I have used many instructors over the years in “one-and-done” instruction, but none has helped me improve anywhere near what Mike has done.


I highly recommend him if you are serious about improving your game.


I have been working with Mike for more than seven years, and during this time I have established superior knowledge for the game of golf and have reached a level that would take most people a lifetime to achieve.  Mike’s knowledge of the game and history of the swing is second to none, and seems to have played every course across the country.  Regardless of your skill level he will start you from the most simple of mechanics, thus solidifying the basics needed to become an elite player.  Another great attribute of Mike is his constant focus on the student at all times.  I have experienced with other coaches that much of the time is taken up by distractions rather than focusing on the student.  This is not an issue with Mike as he always gives you 100% of his attention during the time of your lesson.  I have seen great improvement with my game since working with Mike.  I have qualified for 2 United States Amateurs, recorded a top 10 in the Junior World Golf Championship, and received a scholarship to play at a highly competitive D1 school, UNLV, where current PGA Tour stars Adam Scott, Ryan Moore, Charley Hoffman, and Chris Riley perfected their games.  I highly recommend Mike to golfers of all skill levels; whether you are just starting out or are looking to pursue golf professionally, Mike has the knowledge, experience, skill, and professionalism to assist you with being successful in reaching your goals.


Mike Wydra has been my golf instructor for the past 5 years. He has helped me in many parts of my game from tee to green,  and most importantly, has given me a consistent swing that I can rely on. One thing that I found unique to Mike as an instructor, as compared to previous golf pro’s that I’ve worked with, was that not only was he able to help me understand the correct movements in my swing, but how they should feel in relation to the incorrect movements that I was making.Often times he would show me drills or have me exaggerate the right movements in the swing to such an extent that it would bring the club into the correct position. Mike has also helped me tremendously with my short game inside of 50 yards, so much so that when I have a 60° wedge in my hand, I’m confident I can put the ball close to the pin. Mike ultimately has a deep understanding and love for the game that shows when he is teaching, and I’m positive he can help anyone who wants to lower their handicap.


I’ve worked with several golf instructors over the years and always seem to return to Mike Wydra. I was referred to Mike by a friend who’s game improved in a short period of time under Mike’s instruction. It gets your attention when you see a guy go up two clubs in distance in a fairly short period of time! Mike helps his students demystify the complexities of the golf swing. Not only is Mike a competent golf coach, but an excellent player too, which is a rare combination. I’ve had the pleasure of accompanying Mike and his golf teams from UCSD for rounds of golf all over Southern California. He had the complete respect of his players and could readily beat them all on the links. In addition to Mike’s fine play, he is an astute student of the game and possesses a thorough understanding the components that comprise proper technique. A lesson with Mike is not just a range session with a few tips or exercises. MIke’s students learn why things go wrong on the course and how to evaluate and correct them. It’s one thing to push or pull/hook a ball, or hit it fat or thin; it’s another to know why it happened and how to diagnose the cause and make the necessary adjustment(s). If you want to learn not only the “hows”, but the “whys” as well, Mike is the coach you are seeking.

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